“Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can only forgiven, not forgotten.”

I know. I know, words should be said and meant. They were created for a reason: to be used and honored. Not just to fill in a few minutes of awkward silence and be disregarded. And of course, we all know that words do have power. They can make someone fall or rise, they can make someone happy or sad, they can make someone proud or feeling nothing, and the worst part is words can make someone hurt. Words hurt. They can destroy a person physically and mentally. No wonder, there is also term which said words are like sword. It can hurt you, if the one who said it never think before they speak. You don’t know how much and how deep words can hurt until you feel it by yourself.

It hurts. So much. Like someone slap you in the face with hot iron. It hurts so much until you can barely feel anything, but you know there is a big holes – somewhere in your body – that keep releases a pain.

People. Why aren’t we using our words wisely? Why our society seems like never think about the negative side from word abuse? Since we know that word can make everything ups and downs. Since we realize that words do have a power; words can make the world change for the better or the worse.

Have we ever think about it?

Especially you. Yeah, you. If you don’t have something nice to say, then why did you say so? Just keep your mouth shut. And please keep that shit for yourself. It’s not that hard. Please. Be careful with your words. A tongue has no bones but it’s already strong enough to break a heart. Joel Osteen once said, be careful for what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten second, but ten years later, the wounds are still there.

Will you? No? Then, whatever. I just don’t get it why you think that abuse people with harsh words can be so entertaining.

Well. In case you wonder – you do know who you are, right?


P.s: just so you know, the part of me wants to find the right words to hurt you, the same way you hurt me, but don’t worry. I don’t want to be someone as bad as like you.


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