Invitation from Vibbidi


A week ago, I got an email invitation from someone named Kazuhiro Naya. I didn’t know this was a spam or not but I’m curious about this app. To be short, I discovered that Mr. Kazuhiro was an CEO from Vibbidi. Vibbidi itself is an app that let you to edit your instagram video with enormous filters and lots of great featured. From the user interface, it looks like Instagram (no wonder, because this app claim themselves as a instagram video edited).

From: Kazuhiro Naya
Date: 19 Juli 2015 08.10.34 AM WIB
To: pujiekalestari
Subject: Early limited advance invitation to the simplest Instagram video editing app


We are contacting you because we saw a beautiful photo of yours on Instagram. I’m Kazy Naya, CEO of VIBBIDI, the simplest instagram video editing app.

Our objective is to create a global platform to showcase beautiful videos. We are planning for an official release in September, but starting this month we are extending a special invitation to users who are already contributing breathtaking pictures to Instagram!

We have taken great care in ensuring a certain level of quality for our initial invitations, limiting them to only a carefully hand-picked group of users. Why? We believe that it is the earliest users that develop a community and determine the quality of a product. We would be happy for you to join other creators of stunning videos and help foster our community!

VIBBIDI is the optimal app to upload video to Instagram! Edit videos like the one below with ease! Instagram influencers participate from a hundred different countries, and you’re sure to be inspired by their beautiful videos!

Please download the application from here The app will remain free even through official release!

We welcome your feedback and would love to answer and questions you might have! Let’s see what we can create together with VIBBIDI, platform of the world’s most gorgeous videos!


The invitation itself is sent by email with built-in link, so by the time I want to use the app, I simply click the link to download it. And yes, if you are wondering, my curiosity led me to download that app. It was great, but were not that great. I prefer to use Instagram, though.


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