Between The Lines


Remember when I told you how to rock your interview as a freshgraduated? I write a story when I failed in my first interview because I think my english was that bad. Well, do you want to know what happen between the lines? Yes, actually I’m not really failed in that interview. Because, last month, I accidentally bumped into someone who got a job in that company (but in different position) and she told me that I was their first option to fill that position. And then again, why they end up choose the option to not hire me?

“Did you know Mr. X from Blabla?”
“Yeah, why?”
“He told me something about you.”
“Oh my God! Really?”
“Yeah. I work with him several days ago and he ask me if I know you or not since we were graduated from the same faculty. When I said yes, he told me a story behind your job interview. He said that he wants to hire you since your qualification is match with their requirement.”
“You were lying right? My english were not that good. Those position is related with international client, of course my english should be good enough!”
“Haha you’re funny,” she said, without meaning to be funny. “He said that.”
“But in the end, they not even called me.”
“You know the reason why he choose not to call you? Simply because you are female.”
“Seriously? I think those gender bias is not exist anymore!”
“This position is important and he wants someone who can work overtime. They don’t think that you were ready to invest your time in work since you were female.”

Those sound is come from my own mouth because I am too speechless to respond with other words. My mind feel so numb and blank and insensible. I mean, how come? I know gender equality is a hot issue. In a work place that dominated by men, it’s so easy to overlook gender biases. The prejudice and the discrimination has nothing to do with work and it really has no place in business. Like, why they choose male over female from the simple excuse like overtime? It’s like they don’t believe I can to do so. Why don’t they hire someone based on skills or past experience rather than gender?

Okay, maybe this is just my subjective opinion. Maybe they have other reason that I don’t know. There is always two sides of story over one thing, right?

Our conversation then flow between ‘how are you’ and stories about our friends back in college. We don’t talk that much about job, otherwise we share a silly jokes. Time moves so fast, and we don’t realize it was already nine o’clock and it’s time to go home. We shared our goodbye, a big hug, and a promise to meet up again one day.

But when I hop to the bus and went home, my mind started thinking about our conversation again and again. I learn one thing from the end of our conversation: what we think about our self sometimes doesn’t reflect our true self. We tend to see our self as a failure or not good enough, but we are so much more than that. We are good, we are unique, and we can do anything we want. If our desire can’t be realize yet, it doesn’t mean you are not capable to do so. Maybe, the time is not right. Or maybe, God have the special surprise to you!

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