Saturday, already?


This week has rapidly passed between work, life, and complicated things inside my head. Time flies and I can’t believe it’s Saturday already! Here I am, snuggling in bed with the bad flu that I got after work yesterday and iPhone in my hand to type whatever I want to type in this blog while sipping to a cup of hot tea.

So, something happened last night.

Yesterday, I was so sick and dizzy and my throat was sore. Instead reading a book or watching a movie like I always do on Friday night, I decided to sleep early and turn off my phone.

And this morning, I woke up at 4am and turn on my phone. Lot’s of notification both via iMessage, line, WhatsApp, an etc etc, beep in my LCD. All the messages sound worry and accidentally told in the same tone.

“Are you alright?”

“Ji, I get the news that you got and accident.”

“Where are you?”

“Please reply this if you okay”

“Has something bad happen to you?”

Something like that. Even my friend from Germany and French contacted me through WhatsApp and Line! Can you imagine how I really feel after reading those kind of messages, shortly after waking up from sleep? Confused, I read those message one by one and try to guess what this messages mean about.

Later, I discover that someone with the same name as me was found in accident, near University of Indonesia (my former campus). She was got the trauma and fainted, a moment after the accident. There is no other way to contacted her family since her phone was locked. They only know her by the ID Card that she brings and decided to broadcast the message with the hope that the family would read that and pick her up.

All of my friends who read this messages was shocked. And they got panicked because my phone inactive and they can’t contacted me in any other way. They send a lot of chats, trying to reach me in every social media that existing nowadays. But they got nothing. Rumour and news, and then spread.

After replying all the messages one by one, my head feel like hitting through something—a new understanding about this incidents. This would mean something, right? Life, after all, is full of coincidence and incidence that we might not know what it is all about but we will do in certain of time.

I couldn’t said anything other than grateful after experience this incident. I mean, I am very thankful that God still given me a chance to live, to breathe, even in a condition of the bad flu. Things could be worse than this but all I got was flu. I am thankful that when I open my eyes this morning, I could see that people around me was kind and care and decent. They care of me, even the people who not even once crossed my mind. They want to know if I was okay. It got me a surprised because I can’t clearly described how it feels, how the emotion waves strike me at the heart.

At least, I know. Maybe this is what it feels like to be reminded again by God, that we are all human. And human, at some point will experience something tragic and predestined. Lately, I often feel sad and alone. I don’t exactly know what I feel inside but I feel the darkness inside my mind. Of course, I have friends, best friend, coworkers, and family who loved me, but something was missing. I feel incomplete. And today, God showed me that I was not really alone. There are still many people who love me, care me, and I should not feel bitter for what I already have.


2 thoughts on “Saturday, already?

  1. Loewe Chan says:

    Great post and what a coincidence that this happened to you in the same time you were not feeling well. Whenever I feel sick, it’s always a relief to have someone look after me or hear good wishes.

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